The purpose of the Wyoming Senior Golfers' Association is to promote camaraderie among the Senior Golfers of the state of Wyoming.
  The purpose of the tournament is to promote Friendship and renew old acquaintances . It is intended to be a fun event with a modicum
  of competition thrown in.

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          A long time ago, several enthusiastic senior golfers thought that there should be

      some kind of state tournament for golfers 55 and older. These extraordinary gentleman

        came together and formed The Wyoming Senior Golfers' Association. At the time the

      Wyoming Golf Association did not offer a Senior Amateur.  So for the last 58 years The

      Wyoming Senior Golfers' Association has been providing a state tournament for seniors.

          In the last few years, since the  Wyoming Golf Association now offers a Senior Amateur,

      The Wyoming Senior Golfers' Association tournament has evolved into a less competitive

       event, but offers competition and comraderie to golfers age 50 and over. We offer good

       times on the course and off. The annual banquet gives everyone a chance to socialize

       and meet other golfers from around the state.

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