News From the Board

          The 60th annual tournament will be held at Rochelle Ranch Golf Club in Rawlins on Monday August 6th

  and Tuesday August 7th. There will be an optional practice round (at the player's expense) on Sunday

  August 5th of 2017.  Tournament Director Dale Kari and his committee are already hard at work ensuring 

  that the 60th annual tournament will be a great success.


         Membership is down again this year, with this year's count totaling 86, a loss of 20 from last year.

  Without the continuing support  of paid memberships we can not continue to operate.  On behalf of 

  the board of directors, I want to thank all of those members who continue to support the organization with

  your paid up dues.  Thank You very much!!
         A number of members have stepped up and are seeking a board position, they are: Bill Poniatowski of

 Buffalo for Distict I, Quint Davis in District II, John Lindeman and Bob Treicks in District III, Jeff Lee District IV and

 James Farmer member at large.  This still leaves us with openings on the board of directors, three in District V

 (Fremont and Hot Springs counties), and three in District VII (Lincoln, Sublette, and Teton counties).  We would

 really appreciate getting some representatives from those Districts. So if anyone is interested, they can contact

 Dick Atkins at

          As a general rule the board likes to schedule tournaments three years in advance  Rochelle Ranch in

 Rawlins, will host the 2018 tournament. The Douglas Golf Club is considering a bid for 2019, and Buffallo is

 putting together a committee for 2020. Anyone wishing to bring the tournament to their course needs to have the

 course manager send a letter requesting the tournament to the Wyoming Senior golfers' Association board of

 directors in care of Dick Atkins 2921 Thomas Ave., Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001. If the location does not have a

 member on the WSGA board of directors a tournament director will also have to be named. The exact date could

 be, but need not be decided on at that time, the exact date will need to be decided by the beginning of the

  previous years' tournament.  According to the WSGA By-Laws the tournament needs to be flighted by age, any 

 deviation from that format will have to have prior board approval.

    Dues notices for the 2018 season will be sent via e-mail in January. if you don't have an e-mail address you will

 still get your dues notice through the regular mail. Please let Dick Atkins know your current e-mail address, or

 mailing address. You can reach him by email at or regular mail at 2921 Thomes, Ave.

 Cheyenne, Wy 82001. or by phone at 307-214-7144. Dick needs everyone to verify their contact information,

 Phone #, e-mail, and mailing address, please include that on your next year's dues application.

      The board is trying to organize a winter event, to be held in a warmer climate. Possibly in February or March.