Induction Process

Selection Committee

  • The Selection Committee will review the Letter of Application to see if the application meets the minimum criteria to qualify.
  • The Selection Committee will discuss the merits of each finalist, and conduct a vote to determine if Letter of Application will be submitted to the Board of Directors for final approval.
  • In order to be submitted to the Board of Directors, a Letter of Application must receive approval from at least 75% of the Selection  Committee.
  • The Selection Committee will determine five finalists and submit the results to the Board of Directors for their consideration by May 1st of induction year.

Board of Directors

  • In order to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, an individual must receive approval from at least 75% of the Board of Directors who are in attendance at annual meeting.
  • The Board of Directors will choose the Induction Class and may not exceed a total of five individuals of those submitted by the Selection Committee.
  • The final class of Inductees will be announced at the annual state golf tournament.

Ron Rickert

Mike Kitchen

Hall of Fame Selection Committee:

 Joe Cisneros: mjo1944@msn.com     Larry Danielson: larry.danielson@cldpk.com    Patrick Meehan: gmareets@bresnan.net

Class of  2018

Inaugural Class 2017

John White

Hall of Fame Selection Criteria


     Begining with the class of 2017 and continuing for every year thereafter, the Wyoming Senior Golfers' Association Hall of Fame

     will use the following process and criteria for an individual to be inducted:


     1) A player must be at least 50 years old at the start of the year in which selections are made (example: A player must have

         turned 50 years old prior to January 1, 2016 in order to qualify for the Class of 2017), or be at least five years removed

         from being an active participant.

     2) A player must have a cumulative total of 10 or more official victories of any of the Wyoming State Seniors' Tournaments; in

         any age bracket.

     3) An individual must have contributed to the game of golf significantly in areas outside of the competitive arena within the

         association and within the individual's golfing community (i.e. administrator, director, innovator, instructor, media, etc.).

     4) Letter of Application may be submitted by any current or past member of the Wyoming Senior Golfers' Association.

     5) Letter of Application to the selection Committee must be postmarked by March 1st of induction year.

     6) Letter of Application must be delivered by May 1st of induction year, to the Secretary/Treasurer for submission to the Board

         of Officers. (Current Secretary/Treasurer - Dick Atkins 2921 Thomas Ave. Cheyenne, Wy 82001)